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With You All the Way

Private Wealth Management

Lifelong Financial Planning

Throughout life, your wants and needs are evolving. The one goal that is constant throughout your life is to ensure financial security. To achieve this, you must first know what financial security looks like to you. What defines this peace of mind is unique to each of us. Understanding what your needs and wants is the first step of our relationship with you.

Powerfully Personal

Getting to know you well is essential to building your tailored, comprehensive financial plan. Each team member at Oakwell is energetically personal and ready to understand your needs. Once we know what you are working toward, we can begin building a framework that allows us to make the best decisions that work for you, your family, and all aspects of your personal and professional life. 

Informed Financial Planning

With a framework in place and a plan in action, we will begin evaluating your financial position with a varied team of experts; gathering different perspectives creates a comprehensive view of your fiscal outlook. Our diverse team provides expertise across a wide range of financial specialties. Each team member's insight into the collective group expands the group's view of the economic landscape. It allows our team to make well-informed financial and investment decisions on your behalf.

Financial & Investment Management

At Oakwell, we've designed our private wealth management service to address the concerns
and enable the aspirations of entrepreneurs and enterprising professionals. Our team brings you the knowledge
and experience on both business and personal financial matters so you can make choices that work for you.


(Market, Private, Real Estate)

Managing your market, private, and real estate investments.

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Education & Retirement Planning

Planning for current & future education & retirement costs.

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High Concentration of Ownership

RSUs or Equity Compensation

Advising on your RSUs or equity compensation plans.

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Insurance Planning

Evaluating your risks to determine proper insurance coverages.

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Multi-Generational Wealth Transfer/Estate Planning

Transitioning your wealth seamlessly during your lifetime and beyond.

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Tax Planning

Reducing your liabilities through strategic tax efficiency planning.

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401(k) Plans, Cash Balances, Fiduciary Needs

Personalizing your 401k plan management and consulting.

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Exit Strategy and/or Selling a Business

Preparing for a successful exit or transfer of your business.

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Business Planning & Cash Flow Management

Optimizing business cash flow management and planning.

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