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Cost-Saving Strategies for Extended Care

First, know what is coming. Plan and prepare for the inevitability of extended care. This includes researching the types of care available, understanding the costs associated with each type of care, and considering options such as long-term care insurance. Research and planning can help you know what’s coming and be ready.

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5 Financial Tips For Every Military Family

Military members and their families face one-of-a-kind challenges, such as deployment to conflict zones, overseas assignments and the constancy of change - all of which make dedicating time to personal finance a challenge. Luckily, there are special tax breaks and other benefits unique to service members. Follow these five tips to take advantage of potential benefits and simplify your military family’s personal finances.

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Mother's Day: Best Financial Tips for Mothers

There are as many kinds of mothers as there are different kinds of families. For every mother who handles family financial decisions alone, there are others who work with a partner. There are mothers who work, and mothers who are retired. And, just as importantly, there are mothers who see their lives change over time, just as you may have seen your mother transition from looking after you to taking a job outside of the home, or even running a business.

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5 Risks You Will Face In Retirement

Retirement is one of the most important and significant events in a person's life. It's the time when people transition from a working lifestyle to a more relaxed and leisurely one, but it also comes with its own set of risks. Here are five of the top risks that people face going into and during retirement, and how Oakwell Private Wealth Management can help you to mitigate them.

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Explaining Inflation

The levels of inflation we have recently seen isn’t something most current investors had previously experienced, so there is some continuing education we wanted to do as a short refresher on the subject

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