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Investing Through Tough Times

The U.S. stock market continues to record losses in 2022, and the U.S. economy shows signs that we are either in or may soon face a recession. In the attached report, you will find four charts that help illustrate why we think sticking with stocks through tough times is still likely the better path forward for investors, rather than jumping in and out of the market.

In the attached report, we will cover:

  1. What does a recession mean for stock returns?
  2. What has recession meant for small value-focused investors?
  3. How not to lose sight of the destination

View Report

Market downturns are like traffic lights. When we drive, we may be slowed by red lights, but that doesn’t prevent us from proceeding to our destination. If we choose not to drive to avoid being stopped at red lights, we can’t get to where we want to go.

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